Special Thanks For Website

Welcome to the Special Thanks For Website.
 I this site is Hashikure of professional WEB designers,
 To evaluate the Web site design of the famous popular home page from every angle.
 Of course, the criteria of evaluation is due to my dogma and prejudice.
 Claim. We do not accept at all w
 Please refer to only those who fit to my liking.
 The evaluation criteria will be the following.
 1. Design: whether WEB site design and favorability is
2. Configuration: whether the entire structure, hierarchical structure is easy to understand the WEB site
3. Usability: Is the easy operation and the procedure to understand when to use the WEB site
4. visibility: Do visual visibility of the WEB site is enough
5. reactivity: Do a quick appropriate operation reaction and movement condition of WEB site
6. General: evaluation throughout the WEB site
 More we will make a five-stage evaluation for each item.
 Please request if there is I want to evaluate me site.

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MSN Japan

MSN Japan is a comprehensive portal site operated by Microsoft.
Provided in the hot e-mail, such as a useful tool and free.
Of course, enhancement also content that will help to the latest news and life.
How in the HP of your browser.


DMM is a comprehensive entertainment site. Rental, mail order, video distribution, as well as services, such as online games,
FX / securities trading such as DFD, English conversation, also appeared one after another service innovations such as 3D printing!
Of course, smart phone, also to mobile phone support.
It does not release the eye to the future of DMM.com.


Twitter is an information service that can post a short called "Tweets" of up to 140 characters.
Now as the main communication tool, it has spread around the world.
You also once should have ever heard the phrase Twitter.
There is no never too late to start Twitter the (Twitter) from now.


FC2 Video is a free video sharing service that you can easily use anyone.
Since the videos taken with smartphone and mobile can also be easily uploaded, it has spread around the young people.
In addition, there is also a content of a little bit different genre and YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, etc.,
Mania fans are also many.
Why not once tried to visit the FC2 video site.


Nico Nico Douga is posting video delivery service that Niwango operated.
Features of Nico Nico Douga comments function or tag features that are displayed on the screen of the video has been enhanced.
In addition, smiling own service is also a well-known, such as live, we stretched steadily even number of members.
Please have you also try to experience the Nico Nico Douga.


Nissen fashion, furniture, rich products such as interior has been lineup.
Products are fashionable and stylish things are many, characterized in particular women there are many things I like.
Making site in the shopping site is also a fashionable, it will be fun just to look at.
No wonder female fans often to Nissen.


Popularity, the Internet shopping site Rakuten of Japan No.1 in the ability of both.
It is a comprehensive shopping mall where you can enjoy from adult to child.
Popularity Index of selling is also updated from time to time, also very useful when in doubt in the product to choose.
Rakuten is one of the sites that are not essential in order to the net shopping.


Amazon is the world's largest online shopping site.
Anyone have ever visited once very famous site. You should also have experience shopping.
50 million points or more goods of all genres are available for purchase at any time.
Usability is excellent, as is Amazon WEB site of everyone can purchase easily.


YouTube is the world's largest video content sharing sites.
Video course, anyone can browse for free, you can publish easy to upload your own videos.
You supposed to even once have seen the video of YouTube (YouTube).
It seems to have won the seat of the main content indispensable on the net now.


 Facebook is the world's largest SNS (social networking service).
   Face book is not a virtual exchanges only on the Internet,
   Realistic relationship in the real world is a new form of SNS which is based.
   You also have taken a new step, Why do not you start a Facebook?